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Picture of the Day: 11/27/11


Picture of the Day: 11/21/11

“Picture” of the Day now means a single, still shot accumulation of pixels barreling into your eyes or a “picture show,” as they were once called, or perhaps more to the point a “pixel show” with today’s You Tube technology in mind. This one is a local reader submission (you are all VERY welcome to contribute to this, don’t let me give the impression this is mine to control) which shows blatantly what we’ve known for years: politicians and banks are manipulative variables for each other’s benefit in the quest for money and power. Surprised?

I didn’t think so.

General Assembly in East Park: 11/5/11

Anyone think it is strange to see Oswego given the virtual treatment?

Photographic proof that we mean what we say! We really do gather for General Assemblies in East Park each Saturday, this in particular was November 5th. You could join us on our weekly march as well as seen on our lovely and newly created calender… Thanks for the pictures and video, Joe!

Picture of the Day: 11/15/11

Does this point to the inevitability of corporate products in our culture or is this horribly ironic? Thoughts are welcome.

I’ve also noticed that “irony” is growing to be more prominent in our virtual linguistic cloud at stage right. There appears to be a lot of irony in this movement.

Picture of the Day: 11/14/11

Picture of the Day: 11/8/11

So what the media do, in effect, is to take the set of assumptions which express the basic ideas of the propaganda system, whether about the Cold War or the economic system or the “national interest” and so on, and then present a range of debate within that framework-so the debate only enhances the strength of the assumptions, ingraining them in people’s minds as the entire possible spectrum of opinion that there is.

— Noam Chomsky, Understanding Power

Picture of the Day: 11/7/11