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Picture of the Day: 11/1/11

Across the semi-hipster, semi-political schizophrenic wallpaper that is the Tumblr blogosphere this picture can be found to have been re-blogged 203 times and counting. The lack of a message is decidedly a blaring concern. What ARE we saying if anything? What ARE we beyond a sign-carrying, street-occupying huddle whose long bubbling anger has only now shown itself with the intensity of a gaggle of psychotic jack rabbits tamed by a determined rationality for peaceful, observed, civil public discourse and concern? Who IS being demanded to fix everything and who IS the problem? Let us carefully look at the power relationships present in the picture. What precisely are we proposing as the solution and how do we get there? Let’s not contradict ourselves, let’s focus the message in this melting pot of ideologies. We have strength in numbers, but in message we lose grip. There have been a list of demands by some, commentary by public figures we may call “intellectuals,” but I have yet to see a collective agreement on what we are saying. Let us not elevate this responsibility up to those supposedly “higher” than us in the intellectual landscape, let us decide together less we remain a single mass with conflicting ideas. I am all for support, but I suggest we all stop to ask ourselves, what ARE we saying, occupyers?