Picture of the Day: 11/16/11

New bills that would permit censorship of any site by the US government are viciously gaining support in Congress and quickly making their progression from ideas to policies. Today, Congress is holding the first hearing on the matter and it is also the first ever American Censorship Day, also known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and most of the internet seems determined not to repeat the ironic holiday next year. This site, along with Facebook, Twitter or any site you frequent could be shut down and the internet, one of the last bastions of true freedom, would become policed and removed from its original intent and into the hands of a centralized control.

So where is the Picture of the Day, you ask? It’s rather large, so click here to see it in all its grandeur and you can sign the petition against it by clicking here.


General Assembly in East Park: 11/5/11

Anyone think it is strange to see Oswego given the virtual treatment?

Photographic proof that we mean what we say! We really do gather for General Assemblies in East Park each Saturday, this in particular was November 5th. You could join us on our weekly march as well as seen on our lovely and newly created calender… Thanks for the pictures and video, Joe!

Picture of the Day: 11/15/11

Does this point to the inevitability of corporate products in our culture or is this horribly ironic? Thoughts are welcome.

I’ve also noticed that “irony” is growing to be more prominent in our virtual linguistic cloud at stage right. There appears to be a lot of irony in this movement.

Picture of the Day: 11/13/11

I realize I’ve lagged behind, but it’s hard to keep up with finding an interesting picture each day. Probably will be every couple of days.

Picture of the Day: 11/10/11

Considering how many museums are owned by the “one percent” occupyers in NYC and other areas took it upon themselves to create their own museums. This one is called “No comment” and resides at 23 Wall Street.

See others here:

Anyone know where someone could do this sort of thing in Oswego and not have them taken down/destroyed by the weather?

Picture of the Day: 11/9/11