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Picture of the Day: 11/29/11


Picture of the Day: 11/28/11

A picture from the Occupy Los Angelas “Eviction Blockparty” going on tonight.

Picture of the Day: 11/27/11

Picture of the Day: 11/26/11

Picture of the Day: 11/21/11

“Picture” of the Day now means a single, still shot accumulation of pixels barreling into your eyes or a “picture show,” as they were once called, or perhaps more to the point a “pixel show” with today’s You Tube technology in mind. This one is a local reader submission (you are all VERY welcome to contribute to this, don’t let me give the impression this is mine to control) which shows blatantly what we’ve known for years: politicians and banks are manipulative variables for each other’s benefit in the quest for money and power. Surprised?

I didn’t think so.

Picture of the Day: 11/18/11

Picture of the Day: 11/16/11

New bills that would permit censorship of any site by the US government are viciously gaining support in Congress and quickly making their progression from ideas to policies. Today, Congress is holding the first hearing on the matter and it is also the first ever American Censorship Day, also known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and most of the internet seems determined not to repeat the ironic holiday next year. This site, along with Facebook, Twitter or any site you frequent could be shut down and the internet, one of the last bastions of true freedom, would become policed and removed from its original intent and into the hands of a centralized control.

So where is the Picture of the Day, you ask? It’s rather large, so click here to see it in all its grandeur and you can sign the petition against it by clicking here.