Massive Turnout at Protest Against Hydrofracking


Over a thousand people crowded into a closed schools auditorium – in Dansville, NY, (seven people from Oswego, NY where at the meeting, a few signed up to speak) last night. This was the first of four scheduled meetings about the issuing of permits next year to allow Hydrofraking in the Southern Tier. The vast majority of the people who attended the meeting were against Hydrofracking, and many of the people who did speak where very PASSIONATE about how they felt about NOT ALLOWING Hydrofracking to be done in the Southern Tier.


I See No Reason Why the Gunpowder Plot Should Ever Be Forgot

A specially dated march this coming Saturday… Perhaps brush up on some V for Vendetta in preparation? Never hurts to re-watch an excellent film… Perhaps even sport a Vendetta mask at the march?

P.S. For Vendetta’s sake, NO, Anonymous is not planning to take down Facebook on the Fifth of November. Get that rumor out of your head. What reason would they have to destroy a social networking site crucial to the dissemination of information regarding Anon and occupation activities?!

Events This Week!

There are two events regarding the occupation and the ideas that inform it happening this week in Syracuse.

Why Credit Unions – Tuesday 10.25 at 7:30

Thom Dellwo of the Cooperative Federal Credit Union talks about big banks and why you should keep your money local. Presented by Occupy Syracuse at Perseverance Park, East Fayette and Salina

My Life in the Movement¬† –¬† Friday 10.28 at 5:30

Life long activist Ed Kanine talks on civil disobedience and war economy. Presented by Occupy Syracuse at Perseverance Park, East Fayette and Salina.