Picture of the Day: 11/5/11

A demonstrator uses a video camera as he stands in a cloud of tear gas fired by police at the Occupy Oakland demonstration. Police in riot gear clashed with protesters in Oakland in the early morning hours on Thursday, firing tear gas to disperse demonstrators lingering in the streets after a day of mostly peaceful rallies.


2 responses

  1. Kris


    You know, I keep hearing that “the problem with occupiers” is that they want to use government as a means to fix things. Their criticism is that government is the root of all evil and that they can never be trusted.

    Well I’m not suggesting that we should actually trust politicians, but clearly government is not the only source of our oppression any longer. The real power behind the laws supporting Wall Street and Big Money, are their own lobbyists and the money that have to bribe and bribe until they get their way.

    If anything, this laissez faire attitude: “we leave teh government alone, and they leave us alone”, isn’t working. We need to form a grassroots movement. We need to have control over government. The citizenship, in fact, should be a fourth branch of government, and we need to get rid of the electoral college and increase our voting power. We have the Judicial branch, the legislative branch, and the executive branch. The executive branch should have to answer to the public, by means of popular vote and striking down decisions that do not agree with the majority of voters, before a law can go into action.

    If their is any way to combat police brutality that clearly violates the constitutional rights of teh citizenship, then clearly leaving the government alone isn’t helping. The law enforcers see themselves as a part of government. The only wat to be treated right by them is for the people they deal with to be seen as equals, as part of government as well.

    November 14, 2011 at 1:18 PM

  2. Kris

    In the 1960s, police brutality was given a lot of media attention because political candidates and elected officials were also brutalized and clubbed. These occurances have been suppressed and nobody ever hears of politicians or big-time journalists getting beat up (because Big Media is part of Coporate America, and they are seen as equals to government).

    But average journalists, bloggers, photographers, and protesters are getting brutalized by the police all the time, even though it is unconstitutional.

    What’s the solution? They are clearly being regarded as “more equal” than us. We need to take back that power, the 99% and the average citizen need to be given higher legal and political status.

    That’s one of the reasons why this grassroots movement is so important.

    November 15, 2011 at 1:29 PM

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